The birth of the project

From the proactive collaboration between ASO and STELMI the Hi_Up project has started

Research and Development Project

ASO and STELMI’s Research and Development departments collaborate thanks to the Hi_Up project

The Hi_Up project comes from the proactive collaboration between ASO and STELMI, world leading companies in the production of chromed steel bars and always characterized by the continuous innovation, attention and respect for the environment and social responsibility. This project has been realized through the establishment of an ad hoc fund financed by the two companies and aimes at the processes innovation, fully “marrying” the called 4.0 Industry philosophy.

The term 4.0 Industry comes from the fourth industrial revolution still ongoing and refers to the automation and total production interconnection. It was used for the first time in 2011 at the Hannover Exhibition in Germany and definitely implemented at the end of 2013 on the initiative of Germans. The project for the industry of the future, 4.0 Industry, includes investments on infrastructures, schools, energy systems, research entities and companies to modernize the German production system and bring the German manufacture back to the global leading position by making it globally competitive.

The fourth industrial revolution is focused on the introduction of technologies called “enhancing” by a study of the Boston Consulting, among them the most important are the introduction of advanced production systems interconnected and modular (Advanced manufacturing solution), the horizontal and vertical integration between different players of the production process (Horizontal e vertical integration) and the introduction of data managing techniques through open systems that allow forecasts and predictions (Big Data Analytics).

Particularly, the 4.0 Industry is focused on the concept of Smart factory that is composed by three fundamental parts : the Smart production (production technologies that establish a collaboration between all the different production elements), the Smart services (all the informatics and technical infrastructures that lead to the integration of different systems) and the Smart energy (the development of existent technologies paying attention to the energy consumption, creating more efficient and environmentally friendly systems). The keystone of 4.0 Industry are the Cyber Physical Systems (CPS) : physical systems strictly connected with informatics systems that can interact and collaborate with other CPS systems. This is the basis of the decentralization and collaboration between systems.

The horizontal cooperation between ASO and STELMI aims at sharing the know-how, to allow the research and development departments (R&D) an easier research.
The project, through several study guidelines and subsequent implementations, wants to improve the interaction between man and machine, to make machine-to-machine interactions more efficient and effective, as well as to optimize energy performance thus streamlining the costs; all this is possible not only thanks to the cooperation between ASO and STELMI, but also thanks to the national plan of 4.0 Industry that encourage companies like ASO and STELMI to make investments thanks to a mix of fiscal incentives.

Finally, part of the fund is destined to the research for new technologies for a more “environmentally friendly” production; as a matter of fact the high attention to the environment of ASO and STELMI brings the project to focus on the decrease of the environmental impact of emissions, for a production oriented to a greater eco-friendly policy, with the aim of drastically reducing, as soon as possible, the amount of emissions into the environment and finally succeed in resetting them.

STELMI was born in 1976 and soon became the world leader in the production of chrome bars and  cylindertubes. His values ​​have been showed actually  from the beginning through the sense of social responsibility: the safeguard , the environment and people protection   at all stages of industrial processing represent a primary commitment as well as the  productivity and profitability.

Since 1983, Stelmi chrome processing  is using closed loop systems for the involved fluids that are designed and built entirely by our  R & D department.

Thanks to intense and continuous research and development since 2001, Stelmi is considered the  uncontested leader in the field of resistance to corrosion  of chrome plated  bars  and tubes.
Its exclusive chrome-plating process besides to guarantee an  exceptional uniformity of chrome layer, has allowed to reach new goals on corrosion resistance.
With Hiperchromium and Infinity 500 hours technologies  internally developed by the R & D department, Stelmi has been the first Company to reach 200 hours of corrosion resistance in NSS rating 9, and 500 and 1000 hours rating 10.

Today, Stelmi has a production capacity of 2000 tons per month and has the privilege to supply  customers in 69 different Countries, with  about 75 employees.


The new division of ASO GROUP, called ASO HYDRAULICS & PNEUMATICS, in formed from ASO Cromsteel SA and ASO SPS. The story starts in 2011 when ASO GROUP took over SPS S.p.A, company founded in 1992 in Italy – Verona that was in the business of chrome plated steel bars. With this merger SPS S.p.A became ASO SPS and the 20 years’ experience in the field of chrome plated steel bars was used to grow the production capacity. Furthermore this acquisition has brought a new type of business for ASO GROUP. Next, ASO GROUP saw the opportunity of this market through the chrome plated steel bars and soon took another great decision.

In 2014 taking everybody by surprise, ASO GROUP took over Cromsteel Industries SA. At the same time Cromsteel Industries SA was one of the biggest players in the field of chrome plated steel bars, chrome plated steel tubes and precision linear shafts.

ASO HYDRAULICS & PNEUMATICS is considered the World’s leader in terms of capacity and range of products. This wide range of products is composed from chrome plated steel bars, chrome plated steel tubes and precision linear shafts.

ASO HYDRAULICS & PNEUMATICS division is employing more than 650 people that are working in premises of 60.000 sqm. This numbers are the results of the prime quality standards. Having a consolidated sales experience in over 70 countries, ASO HYDRAULICS & PNEUMATICS is considered the largest distributor in the world.